Passion. Trust. Security. Growth.

Our Career College of the Pacific logo outlines current and future allied health, business, and technology programs. It also highlights that we proudly serve and were founded in the Great State of Hawai’i. Our logo colors represent the passion, trust, security, and growth we put into everything we do at Career College of the Pacific. Read more about that here in our blog post.

Our Culture

At CCOP, we support our team members by continually building a positive, fun, exciting, educational experience. We’re a family of engaging, motivated, caring, intelligent people who work hard and play harder. We embrace the culture of `ohana in everything we do to provide staff, students, and our community with the best we have to offer.

Our Mission

To offer quality, affordable vocational training within a supportive environment that facilitates career success.

Our Vision

To be Hawai`i’s best vocational institution offering opportunities for all to develop their potential in the spirit of `ohana.

We are local.

Please take a minute to read about our culture, mission, and vision. We are dedicated to our staff, students, and community in providing the benefits and support we feel is lacking in vocational education today. If you’re interested in receiving an affordable quality education in the medical or technical fields, desire to work with a dedicated team, or need employees who are a result of the culture we instill, please get in touch with us today.  

Our Dedicated `Ohana

Travis Ho
Senior Admissions Counselor & High School Liason

Daisy M. Manteris
Director of Education & Registrar Services

Cynthia Silmestri
Instructor Liaison

Jama Lanogan
Senior Director of Accounting

Ann C. Takamaki
General Counsel & Future Projects

Julie Bannister
Senior Financial Counselor

Pilialohamauloa Cashman
Instructor & Student Enrichment Advisor

Paul Meadows, PhD
Business Office & State Operations

James H. Hawkins
CEO, Faculty and Staff Support