Years Of Student Debt Doesn't Help Anyone.

Hawai’i is expensive. We’ve priced our tuition affordably to help you start your career quickly.

Career College of the Pacific in Hawai’i provides students with a premium, affordable vocational certification education. We aim to graduate students and help them find employment successfully in about ten months or less.

Our tuition costs are thousands of dollars less than what most other Hawai’i colleges charge, and that’s because we only provide students with the classes they need. We offer several Financial Assistance options, including in-house financing without a credit check and extending payments out 18 months to Hawai’i tuition assistance through our partnerships with organizations such as PACT, and the American Job Center of Hawai’i (formerly Worklinks).

Hawaii Afford College Career College of the Pacific

Option One

Full Payment with Discount

Students who pay 100% up front will receive a full 5% off the total cost of tuition. The discount is extended to our $0 Down 3rd party finance option and to students who receive tuition assistance covering the full cost of tuition. Please contact our admissions department for details.

Option Two

Low Down with Monthly Payments

Students can qualify for the option to make a small down payment with monthly payments averaging about $385/month going out no more than 18 months from the start of their term. Restrictions apply, there is no credit check, and payments must be made on-time. 

Option Three

$0 Down Partner Financing

Students can ask us to work with our finance companies to get them a zero-down loan with low monthly payments going out 48 months or more. If students are unemployed the will need a co-signer, and you must have a credit score of 550 or greater. Terms and conditions apply.

Financial Aid & Tuition Assistance

Free Money, Grant & Scholarship Information

Career College of the Pacific is an Approved Training Provider with the American Job Center Hawai’i, and is a Hana Lima Approved College. We work with other Hawai’i assistance programs such as PACT to provide access to college funds for students who meet those qualifications. Those funds often can pay for most or all of your college tuition.

Once you have made your decision, and if you have more questions, please contact an Admissions Counselor today.

Career College of the Pacific: Student Reviews

Dawn T.
Dawn T.
CMA Program
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"I was drawn to CCOPH on account of the quick and inexpensive courses, but what I came to find is how easy it is to relate to each of my classmates (and even the instructors!)...CCOPH encourages us to be self-directed learners. I appreciate that I can work at my own pace."
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
B/C Program
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"Before deciding to go back to school, I decided I wanted a career change. To make a difference in my life...My instructors and classmates are very supportive. I like my instructors. We all know we are not alone, we are going through this journey together." 
Kimi H.
Kimi H.
B/C Program
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"It was hard to decide whether or not to go back to school but Travis was great and so far its been positive. The teachers are very supportive and I love my free computer. Mahalo CCOP!"

Are you ready to begin a brighter future?

At Career College of the Pacific, in about 10 months, you can be on your way to a great-paying career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, Computer I.T. Professional, or Billing & Coding Specialist.