Student Career Services​

Externship. Job Placement. Student Support. Now Is The Time To Put Your Skills To Work.

Resume building & creation

We ensure you're prepared for externship and placement by putting your best food forward. We're there to support you all the way.

student externship

We'll find the best fit we can for your extership site. Having the support of both your college and your mentor will build towards your career success.

lifetime free job placement

We'll match you up with an employer looking for your skillset. You're prepared for your interview, and you have your certification and externship experience. Congratuations, you're hired.

Career Services at Career College of the Pacific begins with understanding the needs of each student based on their specific program of study.  We believe the art of teaching vocational students doesn’t end with the classroom, and the ongoing skillsets we impart benefit both the student and their employers throughout their career. This method helps the student in some of the following ways:

  • Understanding both student and employer needs to find a good fit for both
  • Building critical soft skills and training students on how to develop a successful cover letter & resume
  • The completion of externship hours successfully
  • Career development activities and mock interviews
  • Employer interviews to better understand community needs and requirements

If you have more questions regarding our student career services please contact our admissions office directly at [email protected].  If you’re a current student, please reach out to your instructor for more information.

Career College of the Pacific: Student Reviews

Dawn T.
Dawn T.
CMA Program
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"I was drawn to CCOPH on account of the quick and inexpensive courses, but what I came to find is how easy it is to relate to each of my classmates (and even the instructors!)...CCOPH encourages us to be self-directed learners. I appreciate that I can work at my own pace."
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
B/C Program
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"Before deciding to go back to school, I decided I wanted a career change. To make a difference in my life...My instructors and classmates are very supportive. I like my instructors. We all know we are not alone, we are going through this journey together." 
Kimi H.
Kimi H.
B/C Program
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"It was hard to decide whether or not to go back to school but Travis was great and so far its been positive. The teachers are very supportive and I love my free computer. Mahalo CCOP!"

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At Career College of the Pacific, in about 10 months, you can be on your way to a great-paying career as a Clinical Medical Assistant, Computer I.T. Professional, or Billing & Coding Specialist.

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