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Here are most questions asked about our financial aid & student aid programs.

Understanding Student Loans

Student Loan Overview

We believe education is an investment and should be treated that way — with tuition allocated appropriately and the expectation that it will deliver a return through career and salary growth.


Career College of the Pacific Hawai’i offers the knowledge and skills required for jobs with strong earning potential in today’s economy. Our partner, Climb Credit, then provides accessible, affordable student loans to attend — which will improve students’ earning potential.

What makes this perfect for our students?

In addition to paying for your tuition, Climb can offer you the following:

  • No payments until after you graduate or no interest payments until after you’ve completed college.
  • Quick decisions, so you can start your education as soon as possible
  • Fixed interest rates starting at 6.50%
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Fast, friendly, and responsive student support
  • A simple, secure, online account through which you can upload documents, view your status, and take action on your application

What are my interest rates?

Interest rates for Climb loans start at 6.50%. Your exact interest rate is calculated depending on a few factors, including your state of residence, credit history, the school you attend, and applicable lending laws and regulations. Just applying will not affect your credit score.


These are fixed interest rates, so you don’t have to worry about your monthly payments changing.

You may be able to qualify for a lower rate if you apply with a co-borrower (any person willing to pay if you can’t).

Who is qualified?

If you’re a US resident, you are eligible to apply for a Climb loan to attend Career College of the Pacific! 

If you’re under the legal age of majority in your state, you can work with us as long as you apply with a co-borrower who is of the legal age or older.

Can I talk directly to someone at the lender?

To speak to a Climb representative, there are several ways you can reach out:

Understanding the Co-borrower process

What is a co-borrower?

A co-borrower is any person willing to sign onto your student loan and take on responsibility if you are unable to make payments. For some more in-depth information, check out this article about co-borrowers!

What is needed from a co-borrower?

Before approval, we may require proof of residency or income from a co-borrower. Once an application is submitted, we will send an email to the co-borrower to let them know what documentation is required. After approval, there will be a few documents for the co-borrower to review and sign: the Master Promissory Note and the Notice to Cosigner. These will be available through their Portal page and as attachments on the Approval Email.

Who can be a co-borrower?

A good candidate for a co-borrower is someone with a strong credit score, extensive credit history, no bankruptcies, delinquencies, or accounts in collections, and low debt compared to their income.

What disqualifies a co-borrower?

Things that may disqualify a co-borrower include a FICO score of less than 620, less than four years of credit history, a bankruptcy within the last five years, a delinquency or account in collections, and high debt compared to their income.

What happens if a co-borrower is denied?

If a co-borrower does not qualify, that’s not your last option! You can always reapply with an alternate co-borrower at any time — there’s no limit to how many times you can apply.

How can a co-borrower submit their documents?

Co-borrowers will have their own personal Climb account, where they can upload their documents. (Already on an application? Click HERE to access the Portal and sign in using your email address!) Additionally, documents can also be emailed to [email protected]. If you email documentation on your co-borrowers behalf, we will just need to reach out to the co-borrower for authorization to use it.

Applying for a Financial Aid Loan

Who is qualified?

If you’re a US resident, you are eligible to apply for a Climb loan to attend Career College of the Pacific!  CNA students do not qualify for this program.

If you’re under the legal age of majority in your state, you can work with us as long as you apply with a co-borrower who is of the legal age or older.

Will applying affect my credit score?

Just applying to check your offer will not affect your credit score.


Once you’ve submitted your Climb application, we will conduct what is known as a “soft” credit check to evaluate your eligibility. This soft inquiry may be recorded on your credit report, depending on the credit bureau, but it will not affect your credit score.


If you are offered a Climb loan and accept that offer, we will perform what is known as a “hard” pull on your credit. This action will be recorded as an inquiry on your credit report and may impact your credit score.


You have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to obtain one free credit report from each of the three U.S. national credit reporting agencies during any 12-month period. We encourage you to do so to make sure your reports are accurate.

Can I apply even if I have no credit or bad credit?

Absolutely! You are more than just your credit score, and we look at several factors in order to offer a financing decision.

If you’d like to increase your chances of approval, you can also apply with a co-borrower (any person willing to pay if you can’t), as this can strengthen your application and may even lead to a lower interest rate!

Why am I asked to connect my bank account?

Connecting bank information is just an optional method of automatic address verification to make your application process even faster. If your bank isn’t listed or you don’t wish to connect it, you can go ahead and skip this step!

My application for a loan wasn't approved. What are my next options?

If your application is not approved, we suggest reapplying with a co-borrower — there’s no limit to how many times you apply, and applying multiple times does not hurt your credit score.


Students can also apply for the Career College of the Pacific Direct Money Student Aid Program, which offers monthly payments to help students pay off most of their loan before starting their new career.


You can also take a look at this article on How to Strengthen Your Student Loan Application or the What If I’m Not Approved section of the Climb Help Center!

Should the Co-Borrower be the primary or should I?

No. We only fund loans for students who are attending the program. The program attendee should always be the primary borrower on the application.

During your application, you will have the option to add a co-borrower. If you have a co-borrower with a better credit score that you, adding them to your loan application can potentially help you get approved and/or receive a lower interest rate offer.

Receiving your money

What is my total loan amount?

The total loan amount is available on the confirmation email you receive upon acceptance to the college.

Like all lenders, we borrow money to lend to you. Most lenders charge you a higher rate than the one they borrowed at and make money on the difference. We do that so that we can pass the lowest possible rate onto you.

With that said, to keep the lights on, we may charge up to a 5% fee to cover all of the costs associated with making your loan happen. You don’t have to pay this fee upfront; we add it to the balance of your loan.

How and when can I expect to get my loan funds?

After your loan is finalized and your school has verified your enrollment, we’ll send your tuition funds directly to your school.

What happens if I drop out of the program?

If you decide not to attend your program, we will cancel your loan. We don’t want students taking out loans for education that they don’t receive! Just let us know as soon as possible.

If you drop out after the loan is funded, refer to the college catalog regarding our refund policy. If you are owed a refund by your school, your school will return funds to Climb and we’ll apply the refund to your loan balance. You are responsible for making payments to Climb on your remaining balance.

Paying back your student loan

When do I have to start paying back my loan?

Depending on your program, we may offer loans with either an initial interest-only period while in class and for a few months after, a full deferral period while in class and for a few months after, or immediate full repayment.


For loans with an interest-only period or immediate full repayment, your first payment is due one month after your loan is funded.

How long do I have to pay back my loan?

The maximum amount of time you have to pay back your loan depends on your school and program.


Our goal is to make sure that your monthly payments stay low and affordable.


Our standard loan term is 36 months, but you can pay any time before that, as there is no pre-payment penalty. You can repay your 3-year loan in 3 years or in 1 day.


Our goal is to make sure that your monthly payments stay low and affordable, which is why we give you the option to choose your term length when you apply.

Can I pre-pay or pay off my loan early?

Absolutely! You can pre-pay your loan, in whole or in part, at any time with no penalties.

How do I make payments on my loan?

Payments and billing are handled by our loan servicing partner, UAS. Through your UAS account, you can pay via ACH (auto-pay from your bank account), check, or money order. Most of our borrowers choose to pay by ACH, because they don’t have to worry about late payments. As an added bonus, we’re able to reduce your interest rate as long as you’re signed up for automatic ACH payments.

For repayment help, check out our post on Student Loan Repayment Tips or the How Do I Pay Back My Loan section of our Help Center!

How can I lower my interest rate?

During your Climb application, you will be provided an ACH Auto-debit Authorization Form. This will connect your account to automatic payments and give you a .25% interest rate reduction. If you later want to add or remove automatic payments after your loan is funded, you can reach out to our loan servicer University Accounting Service (UAS) to connect or disconnect your bank account.

If I get Hana Lima or PACT funds, how can I put that towards my loan balance?

Great question! The Hana Lima scholarship and PACT (Parents and Children Together) funds will be paid directly to the college, and the college will then pay down the balance you owe. 

Career College of the Pacific: Student Reviews

Dawn T.
Dawn T.
CMA Program
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"I was drawn to CCOPH on account of the quick and inexpensive courses, but what I came to find is how easy it is to relate to each of my classmates (and even the instructors!)...CCOPH encourages us to be self-directed learners. I appreciate that I can work at my own pace."
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
B/C Program
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"Before deciding to go back to school, I decided I wanted a career change. To make a difference in my life...My instructors and classmates are very supportive. I like my instructors. We all know we are not alone, we are going through this journey together." 
Kimi H.
Kimi H.
B/C Program
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"It was hard to decide whether or not to go back to school but Travis was great and so far its been positive. The teachers are very supportive and I love my free computer. Mahalo CCOP!"
Siam L.
Siam L.
CMA Program
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"Mahalo Pili for all your help in getting me going. The price is right, but what you get is so much more. REALLY LIKE IT HERE!"
Melissa K
Melissa K
CMA Program
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"Career College of the Pacific is a school that with help you get your certifications in the classes you take. Here at Career college of the pacific there is so many opportunities with them to help you get a new start for a new career path."
Brandee Y.
Brandee Y.
CMA Program
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"It has been a warm welcome, helpful resources offered, and wonderful staff and teachers. They help be attain career goals and help encourage the push needed to be at my best. I would advise many to check it our, its a lifelong relationship."
Kayla S.
Kayla S.
B/C Program
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"great place to start. helped me understand. VERY affordable and online. admissions was really nice and free uniform and exam. wow"
Career College of the Pacific Hawaii

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  • Students applying through the American Job Center Hawai’i are not eligible for simultaneous enrollment and attendance. In order to qualify, students must first be placed on a deferred start if they opt to apply for AJCH funds.
  • Scholarship and Grant funds are not available for the CNA program.
  • Money Back Guarantee program is for long-term programs only. CNA programs do not qualify for the Money Back Guarantee program.
  • PersonAbility™ is a registered trademark of the National Healthcare Association.
  • Income specifications are based on the median average salary for the State of Hawai’i as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as cited on the Allied Health Schools website. Program pricing applies solely to individual programs.
  • Program costs, taxes, and other fees are subject to change without notice at the time of publication. For the most current information, please consult with your admissions advisor.
  • Interest is calculated at a rate of 19% monthly, in addition to the balance of outstanding funds over the duration of the program, and is subject to change without notice.
  • The Career College of the Pacific assists students with computer discount programs and, in certain cases, offers students the use of college-owned computers during their enrollment. These computers remain the property of the Career College of the Pacific until the student’s graduation. Students who withdraw, drop out, or fail to complete the program are obligated to return the computer system within 10 days. Failure to do so will result in the system’s cost being deducted from any refund due.
  • The maximum number of billing and coding certifications is two, and CompTIA is four. The college covers the cost of a single certification exam, as outlined in the student catalog. The monthly payment estimates provided are examples and do not represent actual monthly costs. The estimates are based on average calculations for students with poor to medium credit scores and are derived from total tuition costs. The actual cost may vary once the third-party finance company has conducted a credit check and taken other factors into account. Pricing is subject to change without notice, and all monthly pricing is based on examples and not actual students. The Career College of the Pacific makes no guarantees regarding any monthly payment, is not obligated to provide one, and the student agrees to assume all risks associated with third-party financing.
  • Computer Loan Program for Eligible Students at Career College of the Pacific

    1. Objective: The aim of this policy is to support eligible students at Career College of the Pacific by providing a computer system on loan. This initiative is designed to assist students with their academic studies. The computer system remains the property of Career College of the Pacific until the student graduates and meets all academic and financial obligations.

    2. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this program, students must meet certain income criteria. Specifically, the household income of the student should not exceed 130% of the Federal Poverty Guideline amounts for Hawaii. The specific income limits based on household size are as follows:

    • For a 1-member household: $20,319
    • For a 2-member household: $27,378
    • For a 3-member household: $34,437
    • For a 4-member household: $41,496

    3. Application Process: Students interested in this program should request a computer system from their admissions counselor. To support their request, students must provide documentation that verifies their income and household size. This should include a copy of their most recent tax return.

    4. Terms and Conditions of Use:

    • The computer system, provided on loan, remains the property of Career College of the Pacific and should be primarily used for educational purposes related to the student’s studies at Career College of the Pacific.
    • Students are required to maintain the computer system in good working order.
    • In case of damage or loss, students will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.
    • Improper use of the computer system may lead to the termination of the loan agreement.

    5. Completion of Loan:
    Upon graduation and completion of all academic and financial obligations to Career College of the Pacific, the ownership of the computer system will be transferred to the student.

    6. Non-compliance: Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this policy may lead to the termination of the loan agreement, and the student will be required to return the computer system immediately to Career College of the Pacific. If a student fails to return the computer system at their own expense, collection action may be initiated against the student. This includes all court and legal fees associated with the collection process.

Financial Aid Guarantee Program Disclaimer & Information

Disclaimer: Career College of the Pacific is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals through our Financial Aid Guarantee program. Qualification for financial aid is subject to approval through Climb Credit. All students will qualify for financial assistance; however, the specific terms of the aid, including down payment amounts and payment schedules, are determined by Climb Credit based on individual creditworthiness. Students may be offered different financial aid packages, which could include either no initial down payment with deferred payments post-graduation or a plan requiring 10% down with monthly payments spread over 24 months commencing 30 days after program start date. Career College of the Pacific does not have any influence over Climb Credit’s decision-making process regarding the assignment of financial aid terms. Please refer to Climb Credit’s policies and terms for full details.

Financial Aid Program Guarantee

At Career College of the Pacific, we are committed to making education accessible. We’re proud to partner with Climb Credit to offer two distinct financial aid programs to our students:

Deferred Payment Plan: Eligible students may qualify for a program that requires no down payment with payments deferred until after graduation. Eligibility for this program is based on the applicant’s creditworthiness as determined by Climb Credit.

Immediate Repayment Plan: Students who do not qualify for the deferred payment plan may be eligible for an immediate repayment plan that includes a 10% down payment with monthly installments beginning 30 days after the start of classes.

All students are guaranteed to qualify for one of these two financial aid programs, but the specific terms, including down payment and payment schedule, are based on the comprehensive credit assessment carried out by Climb Credit. The 10% down payment is the minimum required to commence any of our programs, and this down payment amount is part of the total program cost.

Please note that Climb Credit is an independent entity, and while Career College of the Pacific facilitates the financing process, the final determination of financing terms and eligibility lies solely with Climb Credit. We encourage all prospective students to review the terms and conditions provided by Climb Credit thoroughly to understand the obligations and commitments associated with the financing offered.

For more information, please contact our Financial Aid Office or visit Climb Credit’s website to learn more about your options and the application process.

This disclaimer is subject to changes and updates, and the most current version can be found on our website or obtained by contacting our office directly. Career College of the Pacific does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by external organizations.

Financial Aid Guarantee Disclaimer

At Career College of the Pacific, we are committed to making education accessible to all. That’s why we offer a unique Financial Aid Guarantee: If you meet our eligibility criteria and we cannot secure financial aid on your behalf, we will waive your tuition fee.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Aid Guarantee:

    • Submission of all required financial aid application forms by specified deadlines.
    • Compliance with all financial aid interview and document submission requests.
    • Demonstrated financial need, as determined by a standard needs analysis system.
    • Acceptance into an eligible program of study.

Terms and Conditions:

    • The Financial Aid Guarantee applies only to tuition fees; other fees and expenses are not covered.
    • This offer applies only if financial aid is denied due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. Students who are ineligible for financial aid due to past academic performance, disciplinary actions, or similar factors are not covered by this guarantee.
    • The guarantee is valid for one academic program at a time and is subject to review and renewal for each subsequent program.
    • Students must not have previously declined financial aid for which they were eligible.
    • The waiver of tuition under the Financial Aid Guarantee is provided in the form of a scholarship or grant administered by Career College of the Pacific.

Additional Details:

    • This guarantee does not apply if financial aid is available but the student elects not to take it.
    • The waiver is not transferable and has no cash value.
    • If the student becomes eligible for financial aid after the tuition waiver has been applied, the waiver will be rescinded, and the financial aid will be applied to the student’s account.
    • Career College of the Pacific reserves the right to modify or discontinue this guarantee at any time without prior notice, subject to applicable laws and regulations.

We encourage all prospective students to speak with our financial aid advisors to understand all the financial options available to support their education goals.



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In submitting this form I consent to being contacted by Career College of the Pacific by phone and text message. Your information is confidential and will only be used by the college for contact purposes.

In submitting this form I consent to being contacted by Career College of the Pacific by phone and text message. Your information is confidential and will only be used by the college for contact purposes.