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How To Afford College Monthly Payments

We wanted to share this with you since we always encounter this situation with students:

You have a job, but you want a medical assistant or billing and coding specialist career. You know the pay is better; you see, the outlook is better for you, your family, and your kids, but you know it’s expensive. So how can you afford the monthly payments and still manage to go ten months to start getting the money you deserve to reach that better life? It would help if you started cutting back on spending money that really don’t need to, but where do you start?

Constantly Remind Yourself What Your Goal Is

It will help if you remind yourself every morning (and sometimes more) of why you’re making these sacrifices, and that’s it to put you and your loved ones in a better place mentally and financially. It takes hard work to succeed, but you can do it if you stick to it. Nothing happens immediately, but it will happen.

Stop Going Out To Dinner / Meals

You’ll always enjoy dining out. However, since eating out can drain your finances, we’d recommend reserving it for special occasions only. However, even then, many restaurants will offer free birthday meals. If you find yourself enjoying eating and drinking and can’t give it up, you might want to check if your area has any discounts on food or offers student discounts at restaurants.

Lose The Expensive Makeup / Makeovers / Shoes

When looking for shoes, apply the same rules as when looking at clothes: How much is the shoe? Do I need it? How does this help me achieve my goal of becoming a certified medical assistant or billing and coding specialist? The same goes for expensive eyelashes, makeovers, and self-indulgent items that can run hundreds of dollars a month. Do you need these things, and can you put them off until you have a great paying career? It is always worth the sacrifice.

Make Your Own Coffee

Buying expensive coffee when you hang with friends can quickly add up. Think about it: three cups of expensive coffee per week can total over $100 a month you’re spending….on coffee! Wouldn’t you instead put that towards improving yourself and your financial situation? Make coffee at home, and bring it with you when you meet your friends. I’m sure they won’t mind the sacrifices you’re making to improve yourself; they should support you!

Stop Buying Things On Impulse

What’s an impulse buy? That’s the “Oh, I Gotta Have It” feeling you get when you see something you want without thinking about it. You need to train yourself to stop, pop, and think! You’d be surprised at how fast impulse buys can add up, and the next thing you know, you could have paid for a month of college if you just stopped to think before buying. Just remind yourself again of why and what you’re doing. Just like you do every morning when you get up. Here’s an idea! Get a jar, keep the money you would have spent on impulse buys, and put that towards paying your monthly tuition. See how fast it adds up, and when you make that tuition payment, you’ll be proud you did!

Start making a few changes, and you’ll see the difference. You can afford more extensive and better things once you have secured that great career, but you must sacrifice to get there. It will be worth it in the end!



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