It's About Community at Career College of the Pacific

Our commitment to staff, students, and our community help make us who we are.

We’re fortunate that we live in Hawai’i today, and that opportunity gives us the responsibility of ensuring our ‘ohana are taken care of.  That includes our staff, our students, and the needs of the community. 

As part of our profit sharing program at CCOP, we donate to non-profit organizations. We also organize events that our students and staff can participate in to ensure we upload the vision statement principles we live by daily at Career College of the Pacific.

Mahalo to all of those who donate your time and money to worthy causes here in Hawai’i.

Support Programs

The Hana Lima Scholarship Program (HLSP) provides financial assistance to students participating in a vocational or technical education program for occupations that can provide a “living wage.” This need-based scholarship is available to students in vocational programs that lead to a specific segment of employment. This scholarship gives financial assistance toward tuition and fees, books and other required tools or uniforms. Students pursuing a major in Liberal Arts or are taking only pre-requisite courses are strongly encouraged to select a major of study in order to qualify for services.

Some Great Local Charities

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