Periodically, the college hosts guest lectures and seminars on a range of sex offenses including rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. Students who feel they have been subjected to a sex-related offense or sexual harassment should take the following steps:

1. If an incident occurs, it should be reported immediately to the Campus Director, Director of Operations, or any member of the management team.

2. To provide proof of the offense, students should preserve any evidence of a sexual or other criminal offense.

3. Students may notify local law enforcement agencies about offenses. A member of the Executive Staff will assist the student if requested to do so.

4. Students can find information on local counseling and mental health agencies that can help them cope with sex-related offenses at the college. Campus Directors and Student Services can direct you to these resources. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

5. If requested, the college will make every effort to modify the student’s academic situation after an alleged sexual offense.

6. In cases of an alleged sexual offense, disciplinary action will be taken if the accuser requests it in writing. The request for disciplinary action should state the date of the alleged offense, the specific location, time, details, and circumstances of the alleged offense, as well as the name of the accuser. 

7. A disciplinary proceeding alleging a sex-related offense will give both the accuser and the accused parties the opportunity to have another party present during the proceedings, and both parties will be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding. All proceedings arising out of an alleged sexual offense will be private, confidential and limited to the executive management of the college, the accused, the accuser and their other parties to the extent allowed by law.

8. After a final determination of a disciplinary proceeding regarding rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible or non-forcible sex offenses, the following sanctions can be imposed: 

  1. Documented warning (either verbal or written) in the file of the accused student or employ 
  2. The accused may be immediately terminated from enrollment or employment without the possibility of reinstatement if the accused has previously been warned verbally or in writing for a similar offense. 
  3. Termination of enrollment or employment without possibility of reinstatement