Externships & Placement

Our students are available in two different categories as they move through the education process at Career College of the Pacific:

Externship – Our students who have completed the clinical portion of their studies are ready to start their five weeks of externship. This means they are available to you at no cost while they complete their externship requirements. Students who have already completed their Immersive Internship have already been exposed to a professional environment and are familiar with most requirements that your position requires.

Placement – These students have completed their Immersive Internship and Externship requirements and have graduated from Career College of the Pacific including having sat for one of the required certifications. Because of their Immersive Internship and Externship experience, they are ready to hire and be placed in a professional working environment, often in the process of or having passed their certifications.

Student Sponsorship Program® – Career College of the Pacific offers some of the lowest tuition pricing in Hawai`i today to help students avoid the student loan trap. But, unfortunately, sometimes that’s still not enough. So we designed our Student Sponsorship Program® to allow employers to sponsor students, who, in turn, come to work for them when they graduate.

This program gives students a guaranteed place of employment when they graduate, and students can pay back the cost of their education monthly from their paychecks. In some cases, the employer might waive the education costs entirely in exchange for a more extended period of employment. It’s a great program that helps us work together to provide a solid career for students who otherwise couldn’t afford the cost of college.

Please contact our Career Services department today at [email protected]